50 Ways to Drink Tea
There are actually thousands of ways to drink tea, therefore, -for tea lovers-, we selected some quite fascinating ways to enjoy tea! At least we enjoyed it and we had also a lot of fun trying new and old recipes with “a pinch of imagination”!
These recipes offer several different ways to enjoy tea, even in the cold winter days as a warm beverage, or on hot summer nights as iced refreshment or even a cocktail! 50 Ways to Drink Tea is illustrated with colourful, authentic images, just to enhance your imagination while you prepare your own recipes.
Except from traditional tea, there are also herbal and flower teas. Herbal teas are usually infusions of herbs or fruits without containing the tea plant extract. Flower teas are also part of herbal teas and can be dried flowers such chamomile, rose petals, hibiscus and many more, all full of health and longevity benefits as well.
Tea may be consumed in the morning as a breakfast beverage to heighten alertness due to its high levels of theophylline and caffeine. It is served mostly iced cold in some countries while in others mostly hot. It can be served with breakfast, as a refreshment, in social gatherings, in ceremonies, during lunch, in the afternoon or in the evening depending on the different cultures, the varieties and flavours of the tea.
There are thousands of ways to enjoy different varieties of teas and to mix them with fruit juices, milk, cream, nuts or other herbs. We encourage people who read and enjoy our recipes to play around with their own imagination. One thing is certain: You never get bored of enjoying tea this way, and having fun while drinking a lovely healthy beverage.


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