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Evelyn has studied fine arts and drama. She also studied three years on the principles of feng shui and worked for many years on home interior design, graphics and advertisement. She is co-founder of the Greek article network,, and she’s involved with writing articles and stories.
Cooking is something that comes naturally out of me. I enjoy cooking adding my personal “pinch of imagination” in every recipe. The fact is that I had a lot of fun making, tasting and photographing all these recipes about tea, one of the most popular beverages in the world. And with this book I’m sharing this fun with you!

Sotiris is a professional creative photographer and artist with passion for detail, imagination, and love for trying new things. He has also organized various creative projects in the past such as events, seminars, tourist and travel guides and worked on Graphic Design, PR and Marketing. He is the co-founder, photographer and writer of articles of the Greek article network portal,

“If I was not a photographer I would be a chef. I am very much into the experience of all 5 senses and food offers this full sense experience. The preparation of food and experimenting with its flavors while afterwards sharing it with the people I love is the thing I enjoy most. When cooking food you have a full sense experience. You see the colors and the shapes of the ingredients, you smell it, taste it, listen to it, touch it. It is a magical moment when you create something beautiful to feed you and others. I always cooked and tried new recipes and mostly used my imagination to create delightful and colorful dishes. The way we prepared the tea recipes was real fun, playing with different ingredients and tastes and photographing the beautiful colors”

50 Ways to Drink Tea

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