REVIEW: Interesting and Colorful!

5.0 out of 5 stars

This is a very creative book, with 50 recipes for jazzing up an ordinary cup of tea.

PRO: All the recipes are linked in the Table of Contents. There are many photos and colorful images. The recipes are unusual and thought-provoking and sometimes exotic.

CON: Most of the recipes do not give number of servings. Most of the recipes are listed in cups and teaspoons, but there are occasional ingredients given in g, ml, cm, requiring some research to figure out how much to use: e.g., 50 g cooked tapioca pearls, 700 ml water, 120 ml dark chocolate syrup, 2 cm licorice root.

I think most tea aficionados will have fun with this book. It will encourage readers to be adventurous and try something new...maybe even invent their own exotic flavors.

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