About Green Tea

The origins of Green Tea can be found in China, back to 5000 years ago when it was used as a medicine-beverage. According to one of the many stories about green tea history, it was discovered by an Emperor named Sheng Nong, back in 2737 B.C. when accidently a few leaves of green tea fell into his boiling water. After drinking it he discovered it's fabulus taste, properties and benefits for health.
Green tea became a very popular beverage not only for it's taste but for it's miraculous benefits as well. In those days tea was exclusively green, -red and black tea varieties developed later in history. 
Buddhist monks started growing tea and later, -during the Ming dynasty-, tea trade started to play an importand role in the state of economy. Soon it became a habit of the elite, and until the later part of the Ming Dynasty, only the rich could afford it.
Green Tea contains high amounts of Vitamin C, has powerful antioxidant properties that prevent cell damage, catechins which are polyphenols that can be found only in tea leaves and help fight bacterial infections, the formation of plaque, and are very beneficial to diabetes and heart diseases.

Green tea can be tasted in many ways and combinations!

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