Another Wonderful ebook From The Authors of '50 Ways To Drink Tea.'

5.0 out of 5 starsreview of the book by Keitholeous
18 Greek recipes - the nutritional value of the Mediterranean Sustainable Gastronomy (Mesogeios Gastronomy) (Kindle Edition) Evaggelia Karageorgi and Sotiris Zafeiris are to be congratulated for assembling this wonderful compilation of Greek recipes. If this were merely a "cookbook" in the accepted sense, then it would be an impressive achievement, but to have this book written by dietitians is a true masterstroke.

For those who don't know, Greek food is one of the most delicious forms of cuisine to be found anywhere in the world, but now the readers of this book can find out for themselves just how healthy it is too! After each recipe there is a 'Dietitian's Comments' section, so you can read about the nutritional value of the dish. This way you know exactly what the dish will do for you, in terms of its protein, carbohydrate, and fat content, and so forth. Not only that, but if you're worried about having things like too much fat or salt in your diet, then the comments section will provide advice on how to alter the dish to reflect your needs.

It's a cookbook and a no-nonsense, jargon-free nutritional advisory in one!

As with the last Kindle ebook from these authors ('50 Ways To Drink Tea'), the photographic images are absolutely superb, and the illustrations of the dishes make them look irresistibly delicious - in fact, the food looks so appetizing that I am willing to bet you won't be happy until you see it on a plate in front of you (not that it will be there for long!). If you've never eaten Greek food before, then let this brilliant ebook be your guide to a world of centuries old, and truly healthy cuisine.

And to think you get all this for free! That's got to be the bargain of the year!

Download your copy now, my friends, and get cooking!  


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