REVIEW: This book does what it says on the cover!!!! Sotiris and Evelyn are truly Mr & Mrs 'T'!

5.0 out of 5 stars

This book does what it says on the cover! 50 ways to drink Tea! 

If you want to get creative with teas this is the book for you! Everything for the tastebuds Hot and Spicy! Fruity! Minty! Nutty! Detox it! Honey it! even Irish it!!!! I've made a few tea recipes for friends from '50 ways to drink tea' a great way to add spice to a dinner party, evening meal or breakfast! Good (and unique) teas stimulate great conversations!!!! The photos in the book are fab they give a visual of how to both make and present the teas, the presentation of the book adds to the excitement of the taste! The book is also packed with knowledge of tea and heathy tips! Tea can also enhance the right moods for us...sleepy, concentration, romantic or dreamy! Buy two! One for yourself and one for a gift!       

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